Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., is an HR consulting firm with a history dating to 1974. Biddle specializes in EEO, affirmative action, selection, promotion, test development and test validation.

BCG's unique perspective and experience with HR best practices has facilitated the development of many testing products as well.


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Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.
Biddle Consulting Group

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CritiCall Dispatcher & Call-taker Testing Sofware
CritiCall Dispatcher & Call-taker Testing Software







Created for the high-stress 911 call taker environment, CritiCall has now been adapted for use in commercial call centers.

While the nature of commercial call center calls may not be of the life-or-death variety, if you are a call center manager or owner, they are no less important to you.


Improve the quality and performance of your organization by selecting employees who possess the critical skills and abilities necessary for success on the job. CritiCall for Contact Centers will help you select employees who possess critical skills and abilities such as:


  Listening and Understanding

  Using Logic and Reasoning

  Learning and Retaining

  Reading and Comprehending

  Using a Computer While Listening or Speaking


Studies have shown that successfully using a computer while listening or speaking is a cognitive ability that many people do not possess.


By accurately measuring this ability before hire, organizations are able to screen out applicants who would otherwise be frustrated by their own inability to perform typical job duties. C4 can help you to identify these people!


   Download the software and see how CritiCall for Contact Centers can help your organization become more profitable and effective!


biddle consulting group, inc.

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CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4)

Hiring contact center agents just got easier!

· Download the C4 software

· Implement the C4 testing system

· Automate your testing and scoring with C4

· Reduce turnover & increase effectiveness


CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4) was developed by Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., a company specializing in EEO, test development, and test validation since 1974.


Consultants and developers have poured their time and energy into a product whose predecessor has gained remarkable success in the 911 call taker market. Finally, C4 is available for testing in the commercial contact center environment.


Looking to make your contact center more profitable? Hoping to hire agents who are better qualified?


Using CritiCall for Contact Centers can help your organization become more profitable and effective! Download CritiCall for Contact Centers.


CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4) is a product of its sister-product's success. The original CritiCall software - released in 2000 - was designed and proven to withstand the pressure that exists in the 911 call taker and dispatcher market. Over 700 agencies from 48 of 50 states and Canada trust CritiCall to identify those with the skill and ability to succeed in that environment.


Finally, C4 is available for use in the commercial contact center environment.


Download the CritiCall for Contact Centers software today and see how your organization can benefit from our experience!