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OPAC Office Skills Software

The premiere office skills pre-employment testing suite.

CritiCall 9-1-1 Dispatcher Software

Pre-employment testing software to assess public safety dispatcher and calltaker skills.


Encounter: Video Situational Judgment Testing


Effectively determine which applicants possess soft-skills such as interpersonal competence and handling difficult people.


CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4) was developed based on technology originally developed for the public-safety 911 dispatcher and calltaker industry. Over 700 public-safety dispatch centers across the U.S. and Canada trust CritiCall to pre-screen their job applicants for the knowledge, skills, and abilities that dictate on-the-job success. C4 focuses on the hiring success of contact center agents.



CASE STUDY: Texas Emergency Services Call Center


One Texas city reported that it cost $88,000 for the recruitment, testing, selection, training, and probationary supervision of a single dispatcher. And yet, too many public-safety agencies have learned the hard way that interviews and written tests are not sufficient to determine whether someone possesses the knowledge, skill, and ability needed to become a successful dispatcher.

CritiCall Testing software is the answer! Developed by testing experts & validated by over 45 agencies across the US, CritiCall has helped hundreds of agencies know which applicants possess the skills & abilities necessary for success in the stressful emergency dispatch environment. Using knowledge gained from our years of experience and success in this environment, we have transported CritiCall to the commercial contact center market in the form of C4: CritiCall for Contact Centers.

Year of Adoption Retention Rate
Year Zero
(before CritiCall)
Year One 54%
Year Two 86%
Year Three 100%
In the year 2000, Washington County 911 in Oregon knew that they needed to make some changes. They completely revamped their hiring process and instituted CritiCall as their skill testing program.

The results have been incredible. In three years, they have seen an 85% increase in retention. CritiCall is not the only change that Washington County 911 made, but Training Coordinator Susan Koch considers it to be one of the most integral parts.

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Scientific studies show that computer-related multi-tasking requires the ability to use a computer as part of a subconscious, automatic routine!

Fact: If workers have to focus on using the computer, they may have extreme difficulty focusing on other required tasks!

Answer: CritiCall for Contact Centers automatically measures computer-related abilities!


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Many of C4's test modules provide a miniature replica of contact center jobs. However, C4 is scientifically designed so the job applicants need no prior experience or special training to succeed during testing. These tests provide the applicants a realistic preview of the job... so much so that agencies have reported that some applicants have removed themselves from the recruitment process knowing that they do not possess the skills and abilities necessary for success!

C4 is virtually self-administering and self-scoring. The job applicant sits at the computer and the C4 program does the rest. C4 tests appear - as selected by the test administrator - one after another, until the applicant is informed by C4 that the test session is complete. C4 automatically scores virtually every aspect of the test. Thousands of job applicants (at hundreds of agencies) have been tested by CritiCall with great success.


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[download a trial copy of CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4)]