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OPAC Office Skills Software

The premiere office skills pre-employment testing suite.

CritiCall 9-1-1 Dispatcher Software

Pre-employment testing software to assess public safety dispatcher and calltaker skills.


Encounter: Video Situational Judgment Testing


Effectively determine which applicants possess soft-skills such as interpersonal competence and handling difficult people.


CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4) is a product of Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., established in 1974. BCG is a human resources consulting firm specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) litigation support, Affirmative Action (AA), test validation and development, and software. This narrow focus allows us to provide consulting services and software with a high level of competence and expertise that benefits our clients, our company, and the industry we serve.


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About Us

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. has a history of human resources consulting that goes back to the mid-1970s. Our consultants, analysts and developers are experts in test construction and validation.


Testing is not an avocation that we simply picked up. For decades our company has been involved in test construction, test validation, and the defense and statistical analysis of hiring practices. For us, test construction and validation are

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Combination of Experiences Result in an Excellent Product

A test, when used for hiring or promotion, must be a valid, job-related assessment. It must reliably measure knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics necessary for success in the position. It must not measure skills and abilities that are learned either on the job or in a brief orientation. See the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures for more information

C4 is a great measure of the skills and abilities necessary for success, but with our Automated Validation Wizard, you are able to quickly and easily validate the C4 tests for your own environment!


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